• 13rd & 14th April 2019- Ivy Zhou & Barbara Parker

    This two-day workshop will focus on building an effective learning culture that engages students in the learning content and process, connecting to the 4 IETC learning principles. The workshop is designed for a Chinese speaking audience.

    Open to educators and the wider community (Chinese language)

    20th & 21st April 2019 -Nathan Atherton & Dylan Meikle

    Learn how to rethink classroom spaces as agile for contemporary learning.

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 13+)


    关于当代学习空间的全新思考 ,如何设计灵活多变的学习空间

    11th & 12th May 2019 -Matt Manfredi

    Learn how to infuse student voice and choice into your teaching practice

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 13+)

    1 & 2 June 2019 -Tosca Killoran

    Learn to build cultural capacity within the teachers, specialists, and co-teachers at your school.

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 16+)

    社区学 习交流:国际学校中的公平性建设


    Events for the 2019/20 School Year

    30th November & December 1st 2019 Erin Madonna

    Children are remarkable, complex, and sometimes challenging. The way we plan for them and react to their diverse needs can mean the difference between constant power struggles and smooth sailing.

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 16+)

    15 & 16 February 2020 -Nicky Bourgeois

    Whether you have an assistant, a co-teacher, EAL support, EdTech coach or parent helper there are a range of strategies that can assist in strengthening relationships and better supporting students.

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 16+)

    4 & 5th April 2020 -Pana Asavavatana DATES TENTATIVE

    This session aims to focus on how digital tools can build upon and expand creative learning in the classroom. By looking at the various layers of meaning that digital content brings with it, this session will also look at ways for meaningful thinking and problem solving with and through digital tools. Come and discover if tools such as green screens, iPads, or robots could be a part of your classroom!

    Open to educators and the wider community (ages 16+)

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    Looking for something else to do while you're here? Take a stroll through Sea World, a large nightlife district right on the doorstep of LEVEL 5. Or satisfy your Maker urge at Huaqiangbei, arguably the world's largest electronics market. In Shenzhen, there's something for everyone.

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