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    Featuring an agile floor-plan, creative tools and expert facilitators, Level 5 is the perfect venue for your next learning experience. 


  • What's On?

    Level 5 offers an eclectic range of creative experiences for school leaders, educators and the wider community.

    Shaun Kirkwood - 10-11 Sep, 2016

    Have your mind blown as you unlock the creative potential of the iPad and spend time exploring both personal and professional applications of this transformative tool.


    Open to the wider community

    Laura Benson & John Burns - 23-24 Sep, 2016

    This inaugural event will bring together learning leaders from 18 ISS schools for futures thinking, strategic planning, community development and more.


    ISS schools only

    John Rinker - 22-23 Oct, 2016

    How can a maker space change the way you design, create and test new ideas? Join this event for an insight into how this process can directly impact students.


    PK-12 Educators

    Nausheen Ishtiaq-Chen - 5-6 Nov, 2016

    High quality film production isn't reserved for just the professionals. This workshop will help you take advantage of the many tools at your disposal and unleash your capacity as a film maker.


    Open to the wider community

    Erin Madonna - 19-20 Nov, 2016

    Learn how embracing differences can actually benefit all leaners and help to create richer, more caring communities.


    Open to the wider community

    John Burns + Guests - 3-4 Dec, 2016

    The world has changed and yet schools have remained largely the same. Explore contemporary pedagogies and experiences that will equip learners to excel in an ever-changing landscape.


    PK-12 Educators

    Ryan Simonet - 14-15 Jan, 2017

    Spend two days jamming and learning to create, capture and author your own music using a dynamic range of tools.


    Open to the wider community

    Ringo Dingrando - 11-12 Feb, 2017

    The title says it all. Two days of robots, coding and madness. Just sign up already.


    Open to the wider community

    Rebecca O'Brien - 25-26 Feb, 2017

    Get hands on experience with all the tools and techniques necessary to create vibrant and compelling street art. 


    Open the the wider community

    Liz Duffy - 8-9 Apr, 2017

    A must attend for any educational leader looking to understand both the compelling case for change in schools and the practicalities of getting there.


    PK-12 Educators

    Glenda Baker & Paul O'Neill - 28-29 Apr, 2017

    This workshop is about changing teacher and student roles in the learning process by rethinking traditional notions of assessment and by exploring what authentic student driven inquiry looks like.


    PK-12 Educators

    And that's just the beginning!

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  • Choose your own learning

    We offer a range of customized learning experiences for teams

  • Contemporary Teaching & Learning

    We have a wealth of experience with 1:1 learning programs, digital pedagogy, online communities and agile space design and can customize events to meet the needs of your team.

    Change Leadership

    Leading a small scale or institution wide initiative? We can offer assistance in ensuring all aspects of your learning environment, community, practice and vision are in place to ensure the greatest chance of success.

    Creativity & Design

    Get hands on experience with design thinking and a range of physical and digital tools. Explore coding, 3D printing, Arduino, LittleBits, textiles, vinyl cutters and much more during practical, constructionist based challenges.

    Level 5 can also be booked for your own private events. Contact us for more info.

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  • Street Address

    We're located at Shekou International School in Shenzhen, China. Just show this to a taxi driver to get straight to our door. 深圳市南山区蛇口南海大道鲸山别墅蛇口国际学校小学部5楼


    There are many options for those travelling to Shenzhen, China.  Check out our guide to see what suits you best.


    Tourist visas are relatively easy to acquire for most passport holders. Download our advice.


    There are a range of hotels within a short walk or taxi ride of Level 5. See some below:

    To Do

    Looking for something else to do while you're here? Take a stroll through Sea World, a large nightlife district right on the doorstep of Level 5. Or satisfy your Maker urge at Huaqiangbei, China's largest electronics market. In Shenzhen, there's something for everyone.

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  • Level 5 is an initiative of International Schools Services, a nonprofit that leads schools, facilitates recruitment and provides best-in-breed learning solutions.